Freya Goossens


My name is Freya Goossens and I was born in 1991. I’m an enthusiastic photographer who has a great passion for music and concert photography. Since 2015, it’s been my pleasure to work with CPU.

The very first concert ever I got to photograph, was Drakes. Full of stress, I stood ready at the PA / soundsystem. The adrenaline rushed trough my body! I was ready for it. Lights out. 3-2-1 Shoot! At that very moment I only had one goal: shoot as many pictures as possible and fingers crossed to get one that was sharp as cristal. A couple of girls in front of me were looking back all the time.. I saw it all happen in the corner of my eye. They were giggling and screaming. I tried to focus on Drake, but the girls were too loud not to notice. I decided to look back quite fast between two songs to see what was happening. I stood eye in eye with Rihanna who was only a meter away from me. She smiled gently! The adrenaline pumped trough my body even more now. Would I risk being thrown out of the concerthall by taking a picture of her, or not? When Drake sang his second song, I decided to focus on him once again. Go! The rush, the adrenaline. At that moment I realised I wanted it even more! And even at this date I get this rush at every performance. At any artists, small or big. The adrenaline pumps trough my body, every single time!

I hope you’ll enjoy our work found on this website and please contact our staff if you have any questions.

All the best,
Freya Goossens

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