Concert Photographers United (CPU) is a photo collective of passionate concert photographers. We started out as the photo team of “Cutting Edge” and in early 2011, we created our own collective as a spin-off. Our goal? Capture great moments and awesome artists on stage!

Clients and publications:

Dansendeberen:Dansendeberen is known a one of the best online reviewer-platform for concerts and festivals in Belgium. Together with their team of photographers will work together to make the combination between the reviews and our photography.

Proximus Pics: Proximus Pics is music section of the highly popular Proximus/Skynet news portal. We provide photo reports on festivals and concerts throughout the year. Anything labelled “CPU”or “Concert Photographers United” is ours.

VRT NWS:VRT, our National Broadcast Company has been a major partner for the last few years. In the section “Music” on their website, you’ll find a slideshow of pictures taken by our photographers. All images with the credit “CPU” are taken by us.

De Standaard: The newspaper “De Standaard” has been a client for over several years now. Several times a year you’ll find pictures in the newspaper taken by our photographers.

We are available for shoots for most venues and festivals in Belgium and The Netherlands.
Working with us
Working with our team
Concert Photographers United (CPU) is a photography-collective specialised in providing photography to press/media, bands, management, venues and festivals. Our photographers are experienced professionals who deliver high quality images for all your needs.

Can a band use the photos of CPU?
YES, but with limitations: If you want to use our images in low resolution on your web site or social media, that’s fine. Just send us a mail to confirm and please make sure the photographer’s name and ‘Concert Photographers United’ are mentioned at all times. Other public or commercial use of our images is not permitted free of charge. For pricing and conditions, please contact us.
How much does it cost to use a photo?
That depends mainly on the sort of usage. If you like one (or more) of our pictures, please contact our staff to request a price quote.

Can a band/concert/festival hire CPU?
YES, depending on the size of concert/festival, we can come to your event with one or more photographers and shoot your event from front stage, the audience and backstage, if you like. The band has to provide the necessary permits (photo pass/all-areas pass,..).

Which other services Concert Photographers United also provides?
Graphic design for album artwork, website design, music videos & tour photography. You name it and we’ll do it!
Want to Join CPU?
Are you a talented photographer? Do you love music?
Can you create amazing images in difficult circumstances (low light, little space, …)?
Can you handle the stress of short shoots and quick workflows?
Are you always striving to get that one image, the one no one else has?

Then perhaps you should join us!
We promise a lot of opportunities to get great shots. We can virtually guarantee you’ll collect enough great stories to keep your friends and family mesmerised. We’ll make sure you go places and see things!

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