Clients and publications:

Cutting Edge:
Cutting Edge (LINK) was our very first client and still is our main partner.
We all started as CE-photographers, before we launched Concert Photographers United as our own spin-off.

VRT – Deredactie:
VRT (LINK), our National Broadcast Company has been a major partner for the last few years. In the section “Music” on their website, you’ll find a slideshow of pictures taken by our photographers. All images with the credit “Cuttingedge” are taken by us.

Proximus Music:
Proximus Music (LINK) is Music section of the highly popular Proximus/Skynet news portal.  We provide photo reports on festivals and concerts throughout the year. Anything labelled CPU or Concert Photographers United is ours.

De Standaard:
The newspaper “De Standaard” (LINK) has been a client for over 2 years now. Several times a year you’ll find pictures in the newspaper taken by our photographers.

The weekly magazine Humo (LINK) has been a client for over 5 years now, and we work on events like Humo’s Rock Rally and Humo’s Poppoll.

We are available for shoots for most venues and festivals in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Concert venues in Belgium and The Netherlands

* 4AD (Diksmuide – B)
* Ancienne Belgique (Brussels – B)
* Botanique (Brussels – B)
* De Kreun (Kortrijk – B)
* De Zwerver (Leffingen – B)
* Handelsbeurs (Gent – B)
* Het Depot (Leuven – B)
* Lotto Arena  (Antwerp – B)
* Forest National (Brussels – B)
* Paleis 12 (Brussels – B)
* Royal Circus (Brussels – B)
* Sportpaleis (Antwerp – B)
* Trix (Antwerp – B)
* Voortuit (Gent – B)
* 013 (Tilburg – NL)
* Effenaar (Eindhoven- NL)

Festivals in Belgium and The Netherlands

* Absolutely Free Festival (B)
* Alcatraz Metal Fest (B)
* Antilliaanse Feesten (B)
* Antwerp Metal Fest (B)
* Blues Peer (B)
* Boerenrock (B)
* Boomtown (B)
* Brussels Summer Festival (B)
* Bunkpop (B)
* Cactus Festival (B)
* Casa Blanca (B)
* Couleur Café (B)
* Crammerock (B)
* Dour (B)
* Dranouter (B)
* Festival aan Zee (B)
* Feest in het Park (B)
* Francofolies (B) 
* Genk On Stage (B) 
* Gent Jazz (B)
* Gladiolen (B)
* Graspop (B)
* Grensrock (B)
* Groezrock (B)
* Ieperfest (B)
* Jazz Middelheim (B) 
* Jospop (B)
* Kokopelli (B)
* Laundry Day (B)
* Leffingenleuren (B)
* Les Ardentes (B)
* Lokerse Feesten (B)
* Maanrock (B)
* Masters @ Rock (B) 
* Metal Female Voices Fest (B)
* Micro (B)
* OLT Rivierenhof (B)
* Play Festival (B)
* Pukkelpop (B)
* Putrock (B)
* Rimpelrock (B)
* Rock Herk (B)
* Rock Ternat (B)
* Rock Werchter (B)
* Rock Zottegem (B)
* Ronquieres Festival (B)
* Springtime (B)
* Suikerrock (B)
* Tomorrowland (B)
* TW Classic (B)
* Werchter Boutique (B)
* Woosha (B)
* Bospop (NL)
* Pinkpop (NL)
* Best Kept Secret Festival (NL)